How To Ask a Good Question (and How To Respond Accordingly)

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Good Question

Asking a good question is important on this forum as it can save time and energy and can get your problems solved quickly. Asking a bad question can make it difficult for community users to understand what you’re problem is. It is also important to give a good answer to a thread or reply.

  • Provide as much as info you can. Make sure to provide all info regarding your problem, such as error messages, relevant and reproducible code, information on framework/language/library used, or weird problems your project is facing.

  • Make sure to wrap relevant/reproducible code or error messages in Markdown code blocks.



  • Make the title clean and short. Don’t describe the problem you have in the title and then say “title says it all” in the post description. I’m sure Regulars (@trust_level_3) will be able to regulate that in case anyone decides to describe their whole problem in the title. :joy:

  • Spamming and saying “help me pls” continuously will make no difference. Your patience is very much appreciated.

  • Users using Google Translate…please say that you’re using Google Translate and you’re not familiar with English, or some languages translated to English can be easily misunderstood.

Examples of good questions:

Not so good questions:

Good Answer

A good answer is equally important to a good question.

  • Not so important, but a good thing: welcome new users on the forum.

  • If you have created a project that is helpful or relevant to the question asked and you wish to show it to the user who asked the question (to help them), kindly go ahead, but advertising of irrelevant projects will be flagged as off-topic.

  • Please don’t be rude, provide as much as instructions for the user to solve his/her problem but it is fine to let users know the spoon-feeding code is not tolerated.

  • Proof read before posting!

Examples of good answers:

(@tasha is really good at this:)

Not so good answers:

(Pls don’t judge, I couldn’t find any “not so good” answers :rofl:)

If you really want to ask better questions, please read StackOverflow’s guide: How do I ask a good question? - Help Center - Stack Overflow.

Also, a lot of other useful info by helpful community members below, make sure to read them as well!


Love it! Awesome! Would wish this would pop up when creating your first topic/post! Maybe add a part about how custom domain enquiries should always go through :slight_smile:


This was a great post! Thanks!


Enjoyed this! Thanks!


Good job @khalby786, finally time someone made a how-to-ask post! I’m impressed!


Can’t Discourse make an update? -1.

Basically if you want to ask a good question you need :

  • What is your problem quickly, what is your code supposed to do.
  • How did you get there, any ressources from other projects ? Any packages ? (+links if it’s not commonly used)
  • What did you already do to solve that problem by yourself
  • What did you not do yet to solve that problem by yourself
  • Did you ask somewhere else ? (link)
  • Code (mention the line, sum up how it works if it’s long and looks like a puzzle)
  • If you are a beginner and you don’t understand everything, you need to mention it.

Don’t forget, if your problem is solved, mark [SOLVED] and signal the answer. If you found an answer that is not mentioned in your post, please send the answer as people will probably look for an answer there (maybe in few years, you never know, but it’s appreciated and it’s a good understanding exercise).

Any suggestions ?

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I want to clarify some more on answering questions on the forum

  1. When someone else is replying to a topic and has been doing for some time now, please refrain from posting something yourself as this can sometimes be confusing when someone says the same thing as you, but you did a short, half-hearted response before them while they went into much more detail, but started before you. It isn’t a race. Go into detail and if you don’t want to, then leave it up to others
  2. It is also annoying if you post the exact same (or an even shorter, more half-hearted) answer than the person in front of you. Read every post before posting your own
  3. Even if your answer can be easily understood from your point of view, this can be different for others, go into as much detail as possible, even if it’s a simple idea.

For example, this:

Hi there!
Glitch is experiencing some issues at the moment. I would recommend checking for more info.
Hope this helps,
Your Name (optional) :slight_smile:

is much better than:

Glitch is having issues

Hope people can follow this,


I will follow this step.

I have seen some people add [SOLVED] to the title, but this is not necessary as when an answer is marked solved, the topic has a tick next to it to show it has been solved :slight_smile:


Another thing is that if you are writing a post in a different language, please also include a version from Google Translate (include both). This will save the people you are trying to help from having to Google Translate it themselves. Sometimes writing in your main language and then Google Translating makes things easier to understand than you trying to speak in English when you are not fluent :slight_smile:



A handy tool is using chrome’s built in translation feature. If text is in a different language it should offer to change it.

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I don’t think that works with Discourse posts, as it has never offered that option to me on forum posts in different languages. But I think you can still do this as it says on their page here:

If it’s still not working, right-click anywhere on the page. Then, click Translate to [Language].

May use that in the future :slight_smile:
Edit: More info available here: Change Chrome languages & translate webpages - Computer - Google Chrome Help


Never noticed these many replies to this thread :joy:, but such info go here:

The post is a wiki so you can edit it to make it more relevant.