How to bring back side bar

hey everyone. the original outline of the layout has the side bar with all the lanuages

but i accidently clicked the arrow to close the sidebar and now it appears on top

How do i bring it back to the original side bar? Thank you

That’s always there. Do you see a little arrow on the left?

Hey @linggnil88,

On the left, you’ll see a small side-bar with an arrow.

Clicking on that will bring back the sidebar again.

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Hi! Thanks for helping out but on my screen i dont see an arrow

Hey Joe. There is no arrow on my end

Hi there @linggnil88!
Have you tried the following:

  • Zooming out (then look for arrow)
  • Refreshing
  • Hard refreshing (Shift+F5)

If you have tried all these you can remove all browsing data from Chrome (see: which should hopefully bring the sidebar back

Hope this helps!

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Hi Eddie. The clearing the browsing data ended up working. Thanks a bunch for your advice!

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I see you were zoomed in. That was probably the issue and clearing your data probably reset that.

According to the screenshot, it was actually zoomed out.

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I don’t think they were. I think that when you press the close sidebar button it sets a cookie so resetting browser data removed the cookie. Either way, it worked :slight_smile:

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