How to change my email?

How to change my email, because I’m having an error when I’m trying to connect to GitHub, I checked the question of other person but I don’t remember my email!

@glitch_support Please help, sorry for mentioning you.

@Sandessat Is not possible, you need change account.

You know how to delete my account?

x2 Is not possible, Glitch,Glitch lacks many things

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@Sandessat, for this you’ll need to wait for @support_staff!

Hi @Sandessat!

Don’t be sorry for mentioning us! Currently, you do have to contact Support if you want the email on your account changed. So you did the right thing!

We can either help you:

  1. change the email on your account, or
  2. delete your account

If you would like your email changed, you can send a direct message to me with the details (by clicking on my name next to this post. I will then put the request in to our team. It usually takes around a week to be completed.

If you prefer that we delete your account, you can just say so here and we’ll get that done for you.

i want to access or delete my other account “noseh66311”, that I created using a temporary email.
because I want to delete the project called “hwhk”. @glitch_support this is really urgent

Please contact