How to come up with a good idea for your next project

I often struggle to come up with good ideas for new projects, so I’m making this post to help others.

Create a project with an API

Why not create a nice UI to your favorite website’s API?

Here are some nice lists of APIs on GitHub:

Here are some of the easiest to use and best APIs:

AbuseIPDB: IP reputation database:

Discourse: Data from popular forum software Free file uploading:
Gofile - File sharing platform, anonymous and free

Invidious: YouTube API without API keys

DuckDuckGo: Get instant answers from popular search engine DuckDuckGo

Dangerous Discord Database: Discord user threat database (Disclaimer: I made this)

How can you make a change?

What would make your life easier? More fun? How can you help others? Create a project to do just that.

Ask a friend

Ask a friend or two what they think would be a neat web app. Additionaly, you can think bigger and ask the internet on social media.

Check out Google Trends allows you to see whats trending on the most popular website on the internet. Check out this page to view trending searches in the in the last 24 hours for some inspiration.


@RiversideRocks Can you create a base API access client for users to fork?

For Dangerous Database?

No, for any API.

All APIs are different, so it’s impossible to do so (unless you want to use something like GraphQL client, then sure??, but even all GraphQL APIs are different)

I’m thinking something like NASA Open APIs client, where you declare the URL and format of the API server-side by setting up a file which generates data in process.env to use and, if possible, writes the setup to a file.