How to convert RiveScript or AIML code in JavaScript


Right now I was in another old BOT community created by the Dr. Wallace(Who R.I.P). But since few month ago, this host site(Pandorabots), increased taxes. So I decided to move my bot to a big community like this.
The problem it is I was using AIML code. I just know to convert it to RiveScript code, that is similar to JavaScript but not the same I guess.
How can I convert this code(AIML or Rivescript) to JavaScript code to use here? Thanks in advance.


I’m not familiar with either RiverScript or AIML, but I did come across this Node.js library which might help - It looks like it lets you load existing RiveScript logic into JavaScript-based bots. Hope it helps!


Thanks. It seems usefull. But I am not familiar with JavaScript… I was using AIML, that is so different. And for casuality, I found how to convert it into RiveScript. So, I just have the riverscript code.
How can I put this RiveScript code into Javascript to host the bot here? Hope you help me. And twice again, excuse my ignorance with JavaScript.