How to create a Minecraft Server Proxy (More Details In Desc)

I want to use glitch as a Minecraft server proxy to protect my IP and location since I run a Minecraft Server at Home.

When using SRV records in Cloudflare it says it will still show my origin IP. So if I were to use a Minecraft Server Redirect in a glitch project my IP would be hidden, and instead, it would show Glitch’s virtual server IP.

Custom Domain -------> Glitch Project Minecraft Redirect --------> Minecraft Server IP

To do this I need an SRV record to a glitch project which requires an IP.
Is there a way to do this?

Any questions please ask away!

Glitch only routes HTTP requests, while it sounds like Minecraft would probably need a TCP server, a layer below. You might be able to get it going with some tunneling though. But that would mean more steps for users that want to connect.