How to create a photo database?

@shawntaylor how do I do this?

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Hey @shawntaylor and @philipbaileynar, please provide valid information on how to solve this thread!


I think you need an external FTP server ( “s3 bucket” or “gs bucket” etc. ) because the 2gb of SSD provided by an $8/month glitch pro sub with ( non-sudo?) access to terminal makes hosting a photo database difficult, however, you can npm or yarn i stuff, so maybe you can find a js based one?

I only started using glitch 5 seconds ago so maybe someone else has a more informative answer.

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You could try services like Netlify or Zeit now. I think one of them has 100gb bandwith limit but photos on average are like 5mb each.

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Netlify’s free plan has 100gb of bandwidth which should be able to hold photos. I thought photos were 2mb at most. It really depends of the quality of the photos you are storing.

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And the format and pixels


also check out the starter project on glitch eg

[to preserve project security - this invite link has been removed. to invite someone to collaborate, please send the invite link via a private message to individual users you trust]