How to create a todo list in Node.js


I’m completely new to Node.js and was trying to get started on learning it and learning about what it can do and what it is useful for. Anyways, I was trying to look up tutorials on how to make a to-do list in Node.js and there were many other languages involved such as Bash, which I also do not know. Most of these showed examples of using Windows Powershell to create files and stuff like that. How would you create a to-do list in Glitch using mostly node.js?

what did those tutorials use bash and powershell for? if it’s for something like installing node.js, maybe you can skip some of it? it comes preinatalled on glitch

Okay. I think I also found out how to make one using only JavaScript, html, and css but it doesn’t save your tasks like I’d want it to, which you probably need a node server for.

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