How to create live chat server on website using node js and socket io?

Hey I am new to Glitch and I want to create my own live chat server with node js and socket io. I found this respository on github and it would be nice to create one like this (of course its only a test. later I will add some nice Graphics ect.).
Can someone help me with this or send me a tutorial? Unfortunately I haven’t found anything on the internet.

Thanks in advance :smile:

There is a tutorial on

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Hey thanks for the tutorial, but it’s an example with localhost and not via a website. Isn’t that a problem?

Replace local host with the domain.


Ok thanks, I will try it :blush:

Hi, when running localhost in glitch you need to use port 8000. This way if your serving content (eg. HTML files) it will be served on the project’s domain.

localhost:8000 → serves to or whatever your project domain is

Here’s a project example for glitch that i found: