How to delete a glitch project?

Actually, I wanted to delete my unwanted projects…When I went through other discussions in the forum but they were long back and currently glitch is updated…I just wanted to delete all the projects in my archive…Is there any way?

Please help me… :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, to permanently delete a Glitch project you will have to contact

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In which should I mail them ?.. Like any templates ?

Just give them a list of the projects that you’d like deleted. As long as you’re not speaking in an alien language or are being really rude, they should be able to carrry out your request no matter what format you use.


okay…I will follow and let you know the results… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you…


I just received a mail from the support team and they said that they would like to know the projects which should be deleted…So i gave them those and will be deleted soon…

Thank you guys for your help…