How to detect if a image is inappropriate

Hi I’m making an art site where you can upload art to your class!
I’m trying to learn how to detect if an image is inappropriate in html. Please help!
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There isn’t really a great way to do that, the best way is it add a report button for users to flag content. However, you could always have a look at Google Vision AI which can detect inappropriate images:

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This can run on both the client and the server but usually running it on the server is the way to go because not everyone can spare the gpu/cpu power and it’ll slow down your site.

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for this btw


How do I use it?

Check the docs on the GitHub repos.

Hi @Someone_Random!
I have used this NSFW API before in a Discord Bot and it works well:
You get to test 1000 images per month for free. I have never tried on the client side, but it worked for me on backend node.js