How to detect memory leak in project?

How to detect memory leak in project?

Depends on what the issue is, the best would be to debug by using console.log.

Which variable need I log for debug?

Well, that depends a lot. The best ways to detect a memory issue is just really using a logger that logs everything you do, for example:

myLogger.debug("script is starting")

myLogger.debug("Adding a message hook.");
bot.on("message", async msg => {
  myLogger.debug("Received message from %s",;
  // do stuff with message.
  myLogger.debug("Handled message from %s",;

I can recommend my own logging library:

sorry, but I don’t understand this module ;/

What is it that you don’t understand? I can try and help you.

Anyway, there are a two terms you should now:

Transport is an object that sends the message to some destination, for example the console or a file.
Logger is an object that takes a message and sends it to its transports.

And the way it works is;

  1. You create a logger: const myLogger = new Logger()
  2. You create transport(s): const myConsoleTransport = new LogConsoleTransport(data => Logger.getLevelName(data.level) + " " + data.message).
  3. You add the transport to the logger: myLogger.addTransport(myConsoleTransport)
  4. You start logging stuff: myLogger.debug("Hello World")
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