How to disable prompt message

bot.js file

const { CommandoClient, SQLiteProvider} = require(‘discord.js-commando’);
const path = require(‘path’);
const client = new CommandoClient({
commandPrefix: “!”,
owner: ‘414062430839111682’,
disableEveryone: true,
unknownCommandResponse: false,
[‘user’, ‘.’],
[‘admin’, ‘.’]
.registerCommandsIn(path.join(__dirname, ‘commands’));
const sqlite = require(‘sqlite’);
client.setProvider(, ‘db.sqlite3’)).then(db => new SQLiteProvider(db))
client.on(‘ready’, () => {
console.log(‘Logged in!’);

Old But replying anyway incase anyone else seeds this but you can use this option in your command info object: Note: Setting this to zero does still send the Usage message
* @property {number} [argsPromptLimit=Infinity] - Maximum number of times to prompt a user for a single argument. * Only applicable ifargs is specified.


class myCommand extends Command {
              super(client, {
              name: 'testcommand',
              group: 'yourgrouphere',
              memberName: 'membername',
              description: 'description',
              examples: ['example [args]'],
              args: [{
                      key: 'args',
                      type: 'string'
             argsPromptLimit: 0 // This is the line which disables the prompt message.