How to disable the web express modules etc...?

Hello i want to disable web integration express etc… and it’s not possible cause a project can’t be openable please help me (it’s for my discord bot)

Wdym?? Huh dontmindthis

Have you tried opening your project from another browser or PC?

If that doesn’t work you will need to wait for a Glitch engineer to come.

my question is not: why i can work in other web navigator ?

my question is: How to disable the webpage on my glitch project ? exemple express module

Hey @MIMIGAMING83, if you don’t want your project to expose a web page at all you can remove any references to Express in your project’s code and it will stop rendering a web page.

In most cases, though, I don’t think that’s desirable for a number of reasons, chief among them that without something listening to the open port Glitch will keep trying to start your project over and over again - having the project listening on that port we expose is our signal that your project’s started and is running properly.

Can you help me understand what problem you’re trying to solve?

Hey @cori i have found a project whit express is disabled and project not restarting whit infinity loop

Sure, as long as something’s listening on the open port then Glitch will know it’s up - it doesn’t have to be Express. If Express isn’t what’s listening in your project then you should be able to just remove all of the Express-related code.