How to enable project always? ||| I want my bot avaible 7/24 what i need to do ?

Hi there @loxchatterbx!
The only supported and permitted way is to buy Project Boosts. Pinging services have now been blocked.
Hope this helps answer your question :slight_smile:

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can i do something with arduino or rasberry pi for this ?

You can self-host with a Raspberry Pi! Learn more at: You can buy them on Amazon or any other retailer :slight_smile: Here’s a tutorial:


How to install ffmpeg for rasberry pi i made an music bot becuase

This is the command in the terminal

npm i ffmpeg-static

Be sure to install Node.js on your machine before doing this however :slight_smile:


Well i don’t have an rasberry pi now but i will buy do you have Discord so i can reach you much easly ?

I’m much more active here than on Discord. I check this forum at least every hour or so. Anyway, here: EddiesTech#1184


Riverside Rocks#5685


I sent both of you guys ! And i need an help too which file i need put that code ;

static void UpdatePresence()
DiscordRichPresence discordPresence;
memset(&discordPresence, 0, sizeof(discordPresence));
discordPresence.state = “!y for commands !”;
discordPresence.details = “⛧𝕷𝖔𝖝 𝕭𝖔𝖙⛧”;
discordPresence.largeImageKey = “loxbot”;
discordPresence.largeImageText = “LoxChatterbox Bot”;
discordPresence.smallImageKey = “help”;
discordPresence.smallImageText = “!y for help”;
discordPresence.partyId = “f”;
discordPresence.joinSecret = “fx”;

Sorry, but I’m not that good with C#.

Maybe just try something like main.cs

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Oh okay me too i just got it from discord developer app

That code for the Discord Game SDK (in C#) developers @loxchatterbx

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But if you have a the option, I 10/10 recommend discordjs. Its a lot more popular than Discord for C#.

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agreed. It has better docs and community support


Can i trick discord for see’s my bot like playing an game ?

The thing is that is for video games looking to integrate with Discord Rich Presence, etc

Uhm sorry for late reply but when i play an music on my bot after 1.5 min the music glitching and quit at channel when i look cmd it says undefined so anybody know what can i do ?