How to Exchange Discord URL Code for User Info in a Static Page

Howdy before I begin Yes I have Read Discord Documentation
And Have Looked it Up
I Have Asked This Question Before For Discord Outha2 The Solution marked DID NOT WORK FOR ME
I only Ask here when I am Truly Struggling
Now On to What I am Asking
I want to To make the Request to Trade over a Code I got From a outha2 in a Static Page
(for Clarity I mean{the_Code})
I already have Code to Pick it From the URL
I just Need to Make the Request to Discord
feel Free to Post Some Guides That Can Detail Exactly What I want to do Clearly
But I would prefer if you Detail What to Do here
(Glitch is Having Trouble Loading the Editor So I can not provide what I code i have I will Edit the Message with the Code once I do)