How to export BOT and run on localhost / VPS?

Hi, I’m trying to export my project to take it to a VPS, when I export it everything works but I don’t know what libraries I installed in the project, is there a way to see that to install the same libraries? Also when I try to run it on localhost it runs perfect until I try to send an embed message it tells me: TypeError: fields.flat is not a function.

If anyone knows of this error comment, thanks, I am new to this platform

if you used the graphical installer (package.json):

then you will be able to view installed packages under ‘dependencies’

console installer:

yikes, you would have to run npm list- which would probably show every dependency needed

well, Discord.js needs node v12 to run, otherwise, it will throw that error fields.flat

Is your node version set to 12x?

@hydoxin That is depending on which version you have v11 is able to run on node v12.