How to export certain files

If i successfully convert a python script into an executable, how can i export that specific file to my computer?

@support_staff, any ideas?

Hi 17lwinn!

If I understand correctly, you’re planning to use a bundler like pyinstaller to bundle up a .py or several .py files into a single .exe file, and then you’d like to download that .exe to your (Windows?) computer.

You have a few options:

  1. In the Tools menu, there is a “Git Import and Export” where you can get a git url to clone your entire project, including the bundled exe, to your local computer.
  2. In the Tools menu, there is a “Download Project” button where you can download the entire project, includinig the bundled exe, as a zip file.
  3. Neither of those generate the exe alone - you would still have to get it out of the git repo or zip file - but you could have the Glitch project be a web server that serves the .exe file. For example, ~hello-express serves files out of the public/ directory. If you put a file in public/, then you can visit the corresponding URL at, and the web server will serve it to you.

Hope this helps; if you have additional questions, let me know!


Thanks! I am using pyinstaller. I’ll try this!

PS. It only exports as a tar file