How to find my site's IP?

Hey @pupperxz, what you need to do here depends on what you mean by Custom Domain. If you’re using the Glitch built-in custom domains then you’ll need to know the IP address of the * domain you were shown when you added the domain to your project. You can get that by using a tool like the Dig Web Interface - here’s the link that give the IP address of one of my custom domains, for example:

If you’re not using a Glitch Custom Domain then you’ll need another intermediary. You can do it manually with, who are our partners for the Glitch Custom Domains - you can find an example of this at [Tutorial] Get your Glitch project on a domain!

If you’re just talking about setting up a custom domain to point at your project without any kind of intermediate service, that won’t work; our servers won’t be able to handle the incoming requests for your domain and route them to the right place, which is why you need some sort of service in the middle.

Hope this helps!