How to get all the values from multiselect menu?

I’m building a modal on Slack, which enables the users to choose multiple options from a menu (out of 9 options). Then these selected answers should be used in a message sent by a bot. I have a problem to access these selected values - all at once. I can only get one specific but that’s not the case. In other words, I’d like to get whatever options the user selects.

const options = view.state.values.block_id.action_id
const array1 = options.selected_options;  



[ { text: { type: 'plain_text', text: 'option 1', emoji: true },
    value: 'value-0' },
  { text: { type: 'plain_text', text: 'option 2', emoji: true },
    value: 'value-1' },
  { text: { type: 'plain_text', text: 'option 3', emoji: true },
    value: 'value-3' } ]