How to get glitch project access token

Hi, I very confused how to get the project access token for the git url. As I see many demo there but I can’t see the copy token button as shown in the demo and thanks in further!

From the glitch edit project page Tools > Git, Import and Export > Write > Copy User Name. :slight_smile:

Already did that but just got null after copying.

Did it show any error in the browser console?

Glitch console or Browser console?
How can I open browser console?
and I’m just on mobile.

Ah, its usually hard to get to a mobile browser console.

Maybe the Copy User Name doesn’t work on touch. Can you borrow a computer to do it on, and email it to yourself?

Alright I’ll try asking help to my friend who have the computer. Welp thanks for your time @mishavee!

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Hi @mishavee! sorry for mentioning you again, after asking for help from my friend to copy the user name, the result is same null and here is the screenshot they got on browser console:

Hi @SharifPoetra, I don’t get those errors here with Firefox, so they could be part of the problem.

Is there any javascript blocking on Chrome, or with an extension? That might explain the ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT.

Is it your project, or a project you are invited to? I think it should only work on your own projects.

As a last resort, @Glitch_Support could email it to you, seeing you have tried the tool provided.

Good luck!

Edit - its worth trying again now that the project loading issue is resolved.