How to get information of a other glitch project?

Hey there,

I think the title is a bit strange, but I will explain…

I have a project on glitch, let’s name it project #1 for now… Okay, than I have a other project, which we will name project#2 for now. Okay, so at project#1 there is information I want to show to a system in project#2.

My question: How to do that?

Hi @Jarvo!

How you accomplish this depends on what sort of information you want to show and how your projects are organized.

Let’s say for example you’ve got a discord bot at and you want to use the number of servers that bot’s joined in You could use a framework like Express to provide an API to your bot’s data and expose a route at that returns the server count, and then use that data in by requesting the information from!/rest-api?path=routes.js:74:2 is an example of this kind of thing (it’s not a discord bot, but demonstrates the concept of an API).

Is that the kind of thing you’re looking for, or are you looking for something else completely?

I will look if it works, I will let you know asap.


I am not really good in working with API’s and that kind of stuff… So I think I need to leave it here till I have more experience with the API coding…

If you want to share your project name or some code snippets I’m happy to take a look and give you some more specific guidance, or someone else can weigh in. Is that the sort of data you’re looking to access (i.e. something that project1 knows)?

Don’t mean to bother everyone here, I was thinking of creating something like this and I saw this thread. Should I create a new thread to discuss my specific question @cori?

Creating a new thread will stop this thread from being cluttered. (so yes)

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