How to get one id from an array quick.db Discord.js

I’m trying to check if there is an id of the participant who entered the server, and then if it is there, ban him. But it gives me an error

allmember.forEach is not a function


bot.on('guildMemberAdd', (member) => {
    const allmember = db.get(`abig_${}`)
    allmember.forEach(element => {
if( == element) {

Maybe it’s a problem with forEach, check this website

There is a big difference, I use quick.db, and it’s almost impossible to find such

Well here is what you can do:

const banlistArray = db.has( + '.banlist')

Change variables and code to fit with yours. This may not be 100% correct since I’m on mobile. Try it and let me know what errors you get.

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Thanks for the answer, but I need to get all the ids from the array, and check if there is an id of the participant who logged into the server

But shouldn’t my code do the same thing? Also change db.has( + '.banlist') to db.has(member + '.banlist')

Thanks for the answer. But I found another solution