How to have Glitch project appear on a subdomain/subdirectory

Me and one of my developers recently bought a domain. How do i get my glitch project to show like:

I would rather have the first option, but either will work. How do I accomplish this?

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Hey, I think using might be useful. Haven’t really tried it out but, I have used it for my friends Minecraft server.

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You can add setup subdomains by adding appropriate CNAME records for your DNS zone and have them end up at your project, but I don’t know that you can handle subdomains differently within your app.

Hey @AlphaDelta0mega, if you don’t have access to Glitch Custom Domain you can take a look at [Tutorial] Get your Glitch project on a domain! to do it manually.

Either of those should enable you to get your Glitch project responding to requests for your subdomain. If you have specific questions about any of that feel free to ask here and we’ll try to help out!