How to hire someone to teach / build with me on Glitch?

I think Glitch would be a good place to build an MVP and I could learn a lot from “pair programming” through it. I know basic coding - but really want an expert.

How could I find someone to pay hourly for “side by side” coding sessions?

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Posting here was a good start! I think there are other Glitch communities, not sure where they are, perhaps others can post the details.

Apart from that, I guess the usual gig site suspects like fiverr could be worth a try, but I suppose a lot of people on there would claim to be Glitch experts and just wing it :wink:

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You could try putting it as a product on Etsy- then people pay and you arrange it via the chat. Unless I’ve interpreted this incorrectly

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I think SteGriff covered the basics. I don’t think you are asking for a Glitch expert as much as a person who could guide you in the development of a MVP app.

You should probably broaden your search AND I think it would be a good idea to search a site that has some sort of verifiability of people’s claims. Getting a few lines of code to work is easy, particularly easy these days. Getting 50,000 lines of code, organized, documented, tested and released is quite another.

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It depends a lot on what you mean by expert. Is it someone with X years of experience, or just someone who knows how to create proper code, and debug it if problems arise?

If the latter, you could try to look for a graduate student in a relevant field.They should have the needed skills, although this may vary based on school and country.

If the former, you may have a harder time finding someone competent. I would propably start looking at websites targeted at the country you live in. Global sites like Fiverr are dominated by people from countries with low salary, causing most experienced people not to bother, as they can not compete with the low prices.

If you choose to search internationally, remember that you get what you pay for. Programmers are expensive, especially if they have many years experience. Where I live a good programmer can get the equivalent of $40+ an hour, and I belive it is higher in the US.