How to host a Discord bot on here

Hello, I’d like to know what I have to do to host a Discord Bot off of this website, and if its possible to do it off of node.js and DBM (Discord Bot Maker) or if I would need Python to make the bot run… If someone could help me that would be great!

There are some example bots on here, such as:

Or searching for ‘discord.js’ will get you a lot of results too. (discord.js is the library that DBM uses). I would recommend looking through some of these and seeing what you can do with writing your own code.

I’m not sure where DBM stores it’s source code, but if you find that you can just copy/paste onto your own glitch project. But it might be overall easier to just remix examples on here and work with them instead.

As far as using glitch as a host, this site is more for websites that are visited every once in a while, opposed to bots that need to be online all the time. If your app is inactive for 5 minutes, it will shut down to save resources. You can get around this by periodically pinging your app, either through express or some 3rd party site.

Many Discord bot users follow this guide to get their bots working how they want: