How To Host A Python Socket Server On Glitch?

Hey! So im new on glitch and im trying to explore its features. And i have a python application that needs to comminucate with a websocket server.

as you can see i got it running, but i have no idea how im going to connect to it on my client (my program). Thank you all for helping.

Glitch doesn’t offer that as a feature. Your project container gets a restricted network where it can only connect out and receive HTTP requests from a reverse proxy.

I’ve seen people use ngrok to tunnel TCP though. That might work for you if you can handle some manual steps each time you start the server.


You’re using python’s sockets standard library which is not a websocket. There’s a couple options for websockets in python, I’ve had success with the websockets library in the past. There’s also python-socketio if you’re looking for compatibility with the Socket.IO client side javascript library.

The library you used in your code is designed for use over a local network, or more commonly for process to process communication within a single machine. It doesn’t do well handling many clients over the public internet. It also seeks to bind to a specific port, something you can’t do from behind Glitch’s proxy.

Oh i didnt know that! thanks for pointing out. I will try websockets library and come back later if i have a question. Thank you!