How to host Discord Bot 24/7 on an IOS device! [JAILBROKEN]

This tutorial is based off this thread by @JavaScript and this thread by @Losh531!

As most of us know that Glitch permanently banned all pinging services and everything related to them. Most of us also can’t afford buying a Glitch subscription or using other services. There is a great solution that you can do on an old iPhone or iPad!



  1. Go into Cydia and install the following if you haven’t already: Filza File Manager, Python 3, and NewTerm

  2. Once installed, open NewTerm and run the command su. It should prompt you for a password which should be alpine.

  3. After that’s done run apt install nodejs , then do the same for git.

  4. You are now able set up your project! To get started, run the command git clone[USERNAMEHERE]/[YOUR_GITHUB_REPO_NAME]

  5. After cloning your repo navigate to the project dir using cd ./[YOUR_GITHUB_REPO_NAME]/

  6. Run your bot how ever you usually run you bot on your computer (node run start, node ./bot.js, etc.)

Your bot should now be up and running on your iOS device!


iOS kills NewTerm after a certain period of time.

If iOS does in fact close NewTerm after a certain period of time. Then install Watchdog Lite from Cydia (DOES NOT WORK FOR IOS 13. I heard chronos by spark_dev works but I haven’t tested and can’t test it)
After it’s installed go to Settings>Watchdog Lite>NewTerm>Enable Backgrounding.
Voila! It’s now in the background indefinitely.

NewTerm is telling me “Module not found” or throwing some errors

If you have the node_modules apart of your project dir, delete it. Then do npm install node.js and do that for each module that is used in your project.


If y’all have any questions or problems feel free to ask!


It’s also worth noting that glitch projects are also git repos, and with the right credentials you can clone and sync your project with glitch.


I might use this on my older iPad. It is 1st gen and may work. I got to look up the specs, but it should at least have 1 gb of ram which should be enough.

I think you should mention in all caps to NOT attempt to jailbreak something that you use a lot.


and what? #tenchars

I faintly remember not being able to commit to Glitch…

Edit - Found it. This was one of my first posts on the forums.

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there’s a secret access token you need to obtain I believe a user had trouble obtaining it via glitch’s api

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use FalixNodes / EaslyHost