How to host your Discord bot 24/7 on an Android Device

What errors do you get?

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No python package installation found like this…

quick.db is only an npm package, you will have to look for an alternative if you want to code in python.

quick.db is only an npm package, Try look at alternative package that similar like quick.db for python

If you get some trouble when installing quick.db on Termux, Make sure you have Python installed, and sql package installed on your termux.

If this still happend, Do npm install quick.db --force and ignore these error.

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Termux FAQ

1. `Cannot find module <Module>`

Make sure your package is installed correctly. If there’s package.json file and has dependencies property on it, Do npm install or install each package manually.

2. I can't install quick.db

Remember, quick.db is only npm package and not python or pip package. Make sure you’ve been installed sqlite and python package in your Termux. If you don’t know how to do it, Execute pkg install sqlite python -y

3. `E: Unable to locate package <package>`

Try updating your package list by doing pkg update, or change Mirror link.

4. Can i root my device with Termux?

No. You can’t. But you can run fakeroot or running some linux distributions rootfs by using proot.

5. How to hack account with Termux?

403 Forbidden

You aren't allowed to ask this question, anymore.

6. I can't clone any git repository

Did your Termux has git package installed?

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Oh thanks, I forgot to add that command to the tutorial. I will update it once I will able to.


Hello please help me with these errors i have no clue what to do

Run npm i discord.js
The error is because you never installed the package

Hey guys! If you faced a error like 403 error in bintray error, Please upgrade your Termux to F-droid version at However, You should uninstall all Termux app with the plugin that installed from Play Store like Termux:API, Termux:Boot, and etc. Fortunately, There’s a step to backup everything in your termux here.

Or, If you don’t waste your time, Do this:

echo "deb stable main" > $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list
apt update -y && apt upgrade -y

But it’s recommended to upgrade to F-droid version since a lot of updates & bug is patched at F-droid.

Good luck.


How did u fix it? Pls help me

How to fix this?

Does your bot need to recieve members or read member presence data? If it does then you need to go to and enable the respective intents on your dashboard. While you’re at it make sure to enable message intent if you need it so you won’t be suprised when summer rolls around.

Help,I am doing it but it said unable to locate package nodejs!!!
Wwhat should I do???

Try apt update to update the local index

Possibly pkg update if on Termux.