How to host your Discord bot 24/7 on an Android

You have to install it in the same directory, otherwise, it will not work.

So I’m back and since then I haven’t made any progress I’m new to discord.js and JavaScript in a whole since my last ordeal so here’s the question how do I make ANY commands?? So here’s what I’m specifically trying to do I’m trying to make a dm all members command for owner only I’ve googled it to see if I could copy and paste it but I have no clue how I would go about this please explain to me in full details how do make and organize new commands specifically if I want to copy and paste code

I’d recommend you take a look at this.

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what does this mean I’m gonna cry (jk)

Did you save it, from what I know an asterisk near the name of the file means you didn’t save it.

Im using an app called code editor and when I try to save the index.js file it shows that

Did you give it permissions to write files?

Yes but I can double check

Uploading: Screenshot_20200917-115036.png… yep all permissions

I can’t click the screenshot. Is it still uploading or something?

I think he didn’t wait for it to upload? and it sorta did that?

sorry here you go

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Can you try a different code editor?

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Yeah I deleted it and got a better one it works now that ks


I’m sorry for all the issues I’m having and having to bother people about them but I can’t install nodejs for some reason when I run apt install nodejs it just displays unable to locate package nodejs

Since your on linux, you need to install NVM.

Hey sorry for late response. Yes I will try to add more to the tutorial like on how to install packages and other useful things for the hosting.

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raspberry pi runs chromium instead of duckduckgo, (which is a website) same with many linux devices. Then from there add the easiest to use android os and host a discord bot. And @javaarchive, Raspbian was already in my pi at the very beginning. I can’t believe chromeos added linux tbh too.

I’ll just create a simple discord bot, take a couple o days away before I actually go on discord, bc I know only just a little discord.js.

This topic might come in handy!


This is for android, which is linux? And duckduckgo is a website, not a broswer.


Finally got everything to work now on to how to add cmds