How to ignore channels in a catagory

How do I ignore cahannels in a catagory?

const https = [“https://discord/invite”];
if (https.some(word => message.content.toLowerCase().includes(word))) {


I whant to ignore a channel, since i have a advertising catagory, any help? Thanks!

It’s not exactly clear what you’re asking or what you’re doing with the snippet. Could you elaborate as to what ‘message’ is or what ‘https’ is supposed to contain?

if (https.some(word => message.content.toLowerCase().includes(word))) {

so i whant to ignore channels in a ctagory so it doest trigger

are you using discord.js?

yes, i am. im using discord.js

you could check the category’s ID by using <GuildChannel>.parentID

this question should be in the “discord help” category, but before the code you sent, add if( return

but how does it ignore?

I think he meant a specific category, not all categories

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yeah, one catagory, cause its a advertising one

if( === "category ID") return;

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alright! ill try it out, if any problems happen, ill contact you!

Thanks! It worked!, very thank you!

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