How to implement BLOB in video paths?

Hi there! I need support to be able to implement BLOB in the routes of the URLs of the videos on a web. I am using PHP in backend and JavaScript for video player.

Hi, can you break down what this means for us? I’ve only heard these terms used in very different contexts before, so I don’t get what they mean here.

Hi there! You want to avoid the download of some videos and through BLOB in the video path it is possible to protect the source of origin. I am using php and I read that with javascript you can work showing the path in blob:hhtps:// to avoid downloading in HTML5 players,

I was looking for support as I did not find accurate documentation

Thanks, that additional explanation helps.

I usually don’t advocate for this kind of work to make downloading harder. This kind of ‘defense’ is a balance between how much work you put into implementing it and how much work viewers put into working around it. But we still might as well know how to do it.

It seems like you would probably fetch the video as a blob Response.blob() - Web APIs | MDN and then use createObjectURL URL.createObjectURL() - Web APIs | MDN to get a URL that you can put into a <video> element.

See if that works for you.

Is it possible to contact you for the project with hourly payment? The goal of the BLOB is simply to keep a closed line for the URL or path in the videos.

Sorry if there’s some confusion on the nature of this forum. The coding “help” here is meant to be the following, from the category description:

help one another by sharing expertise and knowledge

i.e., I understand that it’s not dedicated to recruiting developers. Regardless, I personally am not seeking to undertake this task for pay, but thanks for asking. Feel free to hire someone and send them here to follow up though!

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