How to import an image to glitch?

i need help importing a pic. to glitch. can i have some help?

Hi @dah-guy, welcome to Glitch.

Firstly, please have a look at how to ask.

Second, you can import them using the Glitch assets:


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i keep on getting the “To add this file, you’ll need to save it to your computer first” error.

Maybe @glitch_support can intervene here?

Do you have the file saved on your PC or do you want to import from the internet?

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its on my PC… its saved (maybe) on my computer… i don’t know.

Try opening up the terminal and running this:
wget [URL TO YOUR FILE HERE] && refresh

The file should be in your project.

i tried it: get the link for the picture, tiped: “wget”, then refreshed.

Did it work? I also noticed how you got the thumbnail for your photo, not the actual photo.

its ok. thanks for your help! (if it worked)

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I have changed the title to be more direct

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wait! i seems that it did not work! ill show you the link to the project: [join link removed by staff - to protect your projects, please share join links privately]