How to Install NodeJS and Python On Your Phone

How to Installing NodeJS at Your Phone

Yes, Like the Title said. I will teach you How to install node js at your phone.


  • x64 Phone,
  • Android 7.1+,
  • and your Termux

To Do before Installation

  • Install Termux at Playstore
  • Update all Package inside Termux by Executing apt update && apt upgrade
  • Make your Termux can access your Internal Storage by executing termux-setup-storage
    NOTICE: Your Default $HOME is at /data/data/com.termux/files/home. To accessing Them, Use FX File Manager.
  • You were ready now.

Install Those thing.

  • NodeJS,
  • Git,
  • Python,
  • GNU Nano / VIM

Installing NodeJS

Install Node to your Termux

pkg install nodejs
# Or, If you want install NodeJS v12 LTS,
pkg install nodejs-lts
# Launch node!

# For some reason, Node v15 is not supported in Termux. 
# Termux Team is still working at it. Please Be Patient.

Installing git

By default, Termux is not Install git package.
If you want, execute:

pkg install git


Installing Python

Sometime, Python is required at some npm package (Example is quick.db). By default, python is not installed like Linux Does. To installing them to your Termux, Execute:

pkg install python python2
# Launch Python
# Launch Python2
# Launch Python3
python3 # Auto installed after executing `pkg install python`.

Installing nano

Edit your Files using Nano.

pkg install nano
# Edit / Create new File
nano <filename/non-listed filename>

Installing VIM

Edit your Files using VIM

pkg install vim
# Learn how to using VIM at Termux

Getting Started

  1. Create your Node Project Folder by executing:
mkdir folder-name
# If you want a Space foldername,
mkdir "folder name"
# For entering to Spaced Foldername, Execute `cd "folder name"`.
  1. Do npm init -y
  2. Edit your index.js or main node file
  3. Execute it.

Accessing your Termux File

  1. Download FX File Manager at Playstore
  2. Open the App, And Tap the 3 Vertical Dot, Then, Tap this:

  1. After That, Tap:

  2. Your Termux Storage in FX must looks like this:

  3. You can manage your Termux Storage at FX now.

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