How to keep discord bot online 24/7?

I have used an new method of keeping my projects online.
I don’t know why people are having problems with how to keep there discord bot online. I just leave my computer on 24/7 with a tab open.
I am not hosting the bot on my computer I just keep my project tab open.

I don’t really think that will work… The project needs to be visited and not left idle.

I tested it last night and it worked.
I think there might be better solutions though.

The momment I read this I realize people in school are gonna complain that the bot isn’t up again and immediatley opens tab
Tip: Pin the tab and it’ll stay there

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I never knew I could pin the tab.
That just helped me from accidentally closing the tab sometimes.

I would recommend reading TOS Because They Were Updated:

Here is the New Stuff in the TOS:

We made the following changes to our Terms of Service:

We updated the section on Service Usage limits (section E) to include this line: ‘We reserve the right to delete, suspend, or terminate your access to the Services if we determine you are circumventing our services usage limits.’

We also added this section:

j. Infrastructure Integrity

We reserve the right to delete, suspend, or terminate your access to, or ability to use, any and all Services that we determine to be placing undue strain on our infrastructure. These changes were made in response to ping services on Glitch and our efforts to make the site more stable. You can read more about those efforts here

If you are looking for 24/7 Uptime you will Now need to Boost sorry


I will just self host on my computer than.


I just started self-hosting on my pc and I’m glad to say its working fine. :slight_smile:

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I can Not Self-host on My PC But luckily my friend has a server he can Put my Bot on I think i can use Glitch as a feature test Host

I wish you would host one bot from me

Try Repl it or Boost your project
Or self Hosting if you have a Spare Laptop
or purchase a VPN



Oops my Mistake Thanks for that


one word about selfhosting: cooling, if your computer gets too hot it’ll shutdown. If it doesn’t congratulations you have started a fire the hard way. For people using raspberry pis I recommend they buy a fan or at least a heatsink. Fun fact: my friend gave me a fan for mine but I lost it :frowning:


You need a fan for a Raspberry Pi, else it will get really hot.

I have a fan and heat sinks on mine and it seems to be fine.

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how you have done it?

I don’t host on my PC at the moment (I use my RPi), but I can confirm that it works.

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yeah but how? So what you’ve done?

  1. Cloned my code to my Pi with git
  2. Use pm2 to keep it online in the background

which code do you mean?(sorry i am new here)