How to keep Project Up From console?

Hey everyone! I am using Docsify-CLI to make documentation. However, this require command to be run from console docsify server folder_of_documentation. And, unfortunately cannot run Express App because this command listens to port 3000.

So problem is I cannot see project because as soon as i close Console, project gets stuck at Starting Page.

How Can I run 24/7?

Hey @Ashutosh-3601 it looks like the Docsify serve command allows you to set the port. I’m not sure how you’re calling the Docsify server you’re running, though. Can you share your project name?

Hi @cori, you are correct docsify command allows to change port but as far as i know, glitch only listens to 3000. So i didn’t changed the port.

Project Name :
Documentation Folder : docs

Ok, I think I see how this should work.

Since the docsify package you’re using is a cli (a Command Line Interface) the most straightforward way to use it may be to put together a shell script that sends the appropriate commands and then to tell Glitch to load the shell script when the project starts. I’ve Remixed your project with a few changes that seem to serve your docs - check it out at!/hill-salamander and let me know if it helps or if you have further questions.

Happy Glitching!

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Thanks for helping me. But, I cannot access that project :frowning:.

Sorry about that; sent you an invite via PM.

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