How to learn coding API in javascript

I want to learn to code API in javascript but in every YouTube video is horrible.
So I decided ask you guys.
Thank for reading!

You want to make an API?

What kind of api do you want to make?

Uhmmm, What do you mean I’m new so.

What api do you want?

There are many types of api s, you will need to know what you want to create to make it

For me,I use MySQL for my RESTful apis.

Okay I want to do RESTful API

I don’t know what type is it.
I just want to from roblox game trigger even to API and change something and send back to game if change was succes or not.

I’d use noblox.js-server. Though I can’t give you an entire script for it, but it should be easy.

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It is a RESTful api

Okay then that I want use

If you want me to, I can help you set it up.

Sure, Send me friend reuest on this discord: EsplishData#7167