How to log get request to console log?

Hi i want to log https/http get requests to console.log for my glitch project

pls help

Try this:

if (location.protocol != 'https:'){
console.log("A GET request was made over http");
console.log("A GET request was made over https");
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ok but i want to log ip adress or user-agent(browser)

For the IP you would want to look into an API.

I dont want to use any third party service

I know a couple that are free. If you need them

You can look up a module called morgan, but I don’t think the glitch proxy passes on the IP, I’m not sure.

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Yes, I was gonna suggest Morgan! Apparently, it can log the browser, device and IP address.

It can log anything, it’s just a middleware that prints information to stdout. It is possible to change morgan’s format and use your own where you also include protocol, method, ip and more if you feel like it.

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JavaScript cannot detect IP address, but Node can. Do a POST request to server, and then call

// Nodejs
// Express

For user-agent, use js like

Morgan too uses req.ip to retrieve the remote-addr