How to make a command for only people with a specific permission

Personally I have made a ban,kick and clear command but what i’m having trouble with is permissions because anyone can just use those commands and ban/kick and mess up the server with the bot i just need to really know how to make it so then the commands are for people who have a specific permission only and how to make it send a message if they don’t have the permission

Add this to your kick, ban or clear command

if (!message.member.hasPermission(“KICK_MEMBERS”)) return message.reply(“No Permission!”)

You can replace the KICK_MEMBERS to any permission you want


I have tried that many times and it just spams the No Permission Message whenever people say something

because you add it inside a command

if (message.content === "/ban") {
// the code above 

ty it worked but instead i used an else statement

there are various ways to include that code, that was one of them.