How to make a discord bot make a channel

i am making a discord bot that when you react to a message it makes a channel so when i send a message in that channel the bot made, the bot dms that message (that i said in the channel) to the person who reacted to it. i have so far that when a person reacts to the message the bot dms them a noti saying they reacted. any command so the bot makes a channel??

const Discord = require('discord.js'); 
const client = new Discord.Client(); 

client.on("messageReactionAdd", async (reaction, user, message) => { //Add an event listener
  if (reaction.message.partial) await reaction.message.fetch();

  if ( === return; 
  if (!reaction.message.guild) return; 

  if ( === "😆") {
    let guild = reaction.message.guild
    guild.channels.create('channelName', { 
        type: 'text', //Make sure the channel is type is text
        permissionOverwrites: [ 
                allow: ['VIEW_CHANNEL'],

how do i make the channel name the name of the person that reacted?