How to make a IDE?

anyone here know how to script a IDE??? I want to make one for my coding language I recently created. I named it ragolation also known as .rag and ive been trying to make a site like glitch or haxeflixel(app). If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated

How come you want to make an IDE? There are already tons out there, no need to reinvent the wheel.

There are many open-source projects out there for IDEs, but as @RiversideRocks said there is no need to reinvent it.

You could always start by making an interpreter, usually a console program that runs code as it is entered. You can do this with python, bash or anything! You could make it:

  • take code and save to a file
  • run code when user types a specific word like run()
  • delete the file on execution or exit but give user an option to save.

I’ve probably overcomplicated it slightly, but here is an example that you could try.

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