How to make a project private?

Wondering if something changed recently in the advanced options dropdown? I’m not sure how to make my project private anymore. Am I missing something obvious?

Here is what I see under advanced options:

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We’ve moved it - it’s now under the ‘Share’ menu.


Did you move it again? I don’t see it under the ‘Share’ menu.

Hi Jean!

Sorry for any confusion! The “Make this project private” toggle is now located in the Project Options menu which you can open by clicking the little down arrow directly next to your project’s name in the editor.

If you have any questions, let us know!


Hi i can’t find how can i make my project private is there ways to do that??

can other members see it if they got the name some how ?

Other members can try to use the same name as your project, but they will receive an error saying the name is already taken. Anyway, please make a new thread if you have further questions.

what i mean is if other members can see the files that my project has. if they got the name of the project.
this is my last question!! and thanks for help!!

If you expose any files through http they might be able to guess the file names, however they’ll not be able to see the files in your project. If you need any further assistance, please make a new topic, I’m not going to reply further in this topic.

yeah idk where this thing is anymore

Are you a boosted member?

Well, I mean Glitch has to make money you know.

ik but im not going to pay just to keep my code safe

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You can keep your code in the .data folder, that way it won’t be remixable.

Except I think you won’t be able to edit it from the editor either, the glitch editor has always hidden dot files.

I don’t normally use the Glitch editor anyways, I just open a full-screen terminal and use vim. However, I don’t know how the Glitch editor deals with symlinks, but you could try to use one.

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