How to make my website Run 24/7

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Do you mean:

  • 24/7 Discord Bot
  • 24/7 Dashboard Discord Website Bot

Let me know.

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Its a normal website

Have you used uptimerobot?

its not that. ik how to make it run 24/7. But whats the script to run it when it crashes.

Im manually going to console and running it using node index.js. I want it to run automatically like my discord bots

Normally, i have a solve-ion for your problem.
You need to open up package.json, and also add a start script, it will always start that script on run.

Tried that i get this

/opt/watcher/app-types/custom/ line 9: node: command not found

Replace server.js with index.js.

Yikes that was a typo. But that dint fix it

I think this should work too - but I think the suggestion above is better.

if (err) {
   throw err;

You need to set a Node engine version. See this help article:

how about the forever module for nodejs


You should try pm2, this is a process manager for nodejs.
If you run your application with pm2, it will restart your app if it fails during the operation.

Use uptime robot, just like for Discord bots, it works for APIs and websites. also works.

but i heard that your email inbox gets spammed when the glitch API is down

Yeah thats the only bad part. I guess you could just make a new email just for uptime robot stuff.

@17lwinn depending on number of projects you have.