How to make subdomains(not with custom domains)

How do you add a subdomain in glitch.
I’m talking about having something like “project. glitch. me/subdomain” or “subdomain. project. glitch. me”.
I’m able to have something like “project. glitch. me/index. html”
But I don’t want the .html added. Do I have to add a custom domain to do that?
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I don’t fully understand what you mean. If it’s static, you can just remove the /index.html entirely. If you just want /index, you can just rename the file to it.

When I remove the .html, It says not found when I got to the site

Remove the .html from the URL or the file?

Screenshot 2023-01-19 11.46.49 AM
When I remove the .html from here and put /trolled at the end of the url it makes me download a file which just has the html code inside

Screenshot 2023-01-19 11.54.31 AM
It could just be a me issue but I don’t get why only my site does this.
I also don’t have it in a folder.

make trolled/index.html, then open your browser to /trolled


Thanks, This worked

How can I make this work in a node.js project though

The easiest way is to use Express.js!

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Yeah I used that to make it work

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