How to make the project identify the user's username

So I want to make something in an html file check for the user’s username

(here are the code I want to have the user’s username in)

var TYPE = "zip", DESIRED_USERNAME = "ScratchCat", //this is where I want the username of the glitch user to be at COMPAT = true, TURBO = false, PROJECT_ID = "529297304", WIDTH = 480, HEIGHT = 360, EXTENSION_URL = null, GENERATED = 1620831346262;

also i dont know how to embed html so please excuse it

Hey SIG7, welcome to the forum.

You can do code block formatting with triple backticks (```)

So, I’m not sure it’s possible to do what you’re asking without using something like OAuth to get the visitors to log into their Glitch account.

By default, when visiting a webpage, the browser doesn’t send your site any information about whether or not the user has a Glitch account or what their username is. Sorry!

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