How to open mysql database console on Glitch Terminal?

We need to work on mysql database to create table for my projecdt?
How to open mysql database console?
I have try open mysql console and getting this error:

Hi there - you’ll need to have your project configured and even then it can be pretty tricky due to port limitations (depending on what your project is trying to do). If you search “mysql” on the forum here you may find some threads that help give context (like this one MySQL in NodeJS (Not working?) - #9 by cori)

You can also search Glitch and poke around mysql apps: For example, I found this one:!/store-mysql-test

We don’t have a good story around mysql servers running on Glitch, especially since we do not officially support PHP, but hopefully this steers you in the right direction.

Thanks for the explanation. Now is clear mysql donot officially support.

Railway supports MySQL and it has a free tier. Lately I’m trying hosting back-end on Railway and front-end on glitch (just because glitch’s workflow is so much easier :smiling_face:)

Thanks and this is good idea.