How to raise issues or discuss on projects?

When I’m reading some Glitch project, I might want to:

  • raise an issue with the code: flag a bug or suggest a fix,
  • shout out to the author, or
  • raise an issue with Glitch itself. (E.g. ensure_logged_in is being flagged as undefined in the line which is defining it.)

I couldn’t see an obvious way to do this from the editor.

Hi Jean, thanks for writing in!

We’re working on plans for social aspects of working in Glitch that we hope will help with things like your first two points, but because those sorts of things are prime targets for abusive behavior we’re being extra-careful about it. I can’t give you any sort of solid timeline for those features, though.

Regarding your third point, the best way to report issues or request features for Glitch is to join us at, our support forum. There’s a link to that in the Editor under the GLitch logo in the upper right. I’m not sure we’ll implement a way to submit issues from the Editor itself, but that would be a great thing to request in

The specific issue you point to is probably related to the linting rule described at Adding a var or let at the beginning of that line will resolve the error message.

Happy Glitching!

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Yeah I can totally imagine :disappointed:
Someone should create a resource to compile best practices and case studies on this.
As an industry I think we’re rapidly improving, but there’s still too much wheel-reinventing going on, and the user experience and expectations is all over the place. My 2c: algorithmic affordances help (e.g. strict rate-limiting) but control has to be social. This tends to imply a “Meta” area where community values can be negotiated and made explicit, and good moderation tools on account types that can receive comments.

Ah, that makes sense, thanks for the source link! I wonder if warnings can link back to rules. I didn’t connect “undeclared” to “accidental implicit global” which I think is the case here.

Hey Jean those are definitely some of the problems we’re trying to tackle, and no one’s gotten it Just Right :tm: yet.

That’s an interesting idea for the linting tooltips - I’ll pass that along to the rest of the team!

Side note: email reply failed because “new users can only include one image per post”; the image is your avatar I guess.
This would bork email replies for a good many people …

Here’s my original reply (expanded now!), in plaintext (avoiding the
image limit issue):

Hey Jean those are definitely some of the problems we’re trying to tackle, and no one’s gotten it Just Right yet.

That’s because it’s dynamic. It has to be constantly negotiated, like
language. It’s an aspect of language. This is practically impossible
if there is no cohesive community of discourse.
Everyone’s looking for a tech fix that will keep on working, or a
moderator that will play mom and tidy up when people misbehave. But
the only solution is to prevent context collapse, and enable actual
conversations, rather than sequences of volleys. Maybe a scheduled
five minute voice call should be required to enable posting. Just a
crazy thought :wink:

It’s actually kinda crazy that every platform needs to reimplement a
social layer. Everyone should have their own places they like to hang
out, where they pick the tools and furniture they like and enforce the
policies they’re comfortable with. It’s funny if you think of it: this
exists for code, you can skip from github to gitlab to with very little friction.
But you can’t do the same thing for your conversations. You can’t take
them with you when you move. They tend to be a choke-chain for the
platform owner to yank on.

Waiting for this vision to come to fruition:

Your scuttlebutt is the data you carry with you - imagine a little slice of a parallel universe in your pocket. This data is yours and you can interact with it however you like.
These apps are different kinds of magic glasses to help you interact with this reality. Try different glasses on, change them when you’re bored, make some new ones that fit you better … your scuttleverse doesn’t mind - it’s just data.