How to remove DNS

I need to have my website fixed. i have my own provider now. But everytime i try to get to my Wordpress account my website, it just white screen.
help me remove DNS from glitch, becauase i can’t do it my self. And its just white screen

Hi @kidigrafisk, it looks to me like your DNS changes hadn’t made their way through the internet yet. When I look at your url I see a basic WordPress site.

Okay, i will wait tomorrow. I will contact you here again, if nothing happens, and hope you can help me

Hi Cori again can you help me, i can not see my wordpress site, i can see this screen 53

Hi @kidigrafisk I’m still pretty sure that you DNS is set up properly but that you just don’t seem to be getting the right settings yet.

You can verify it at

That shows the “A” records (the ones that point domain names like to server addresses like for both of your domain names, as well as the address for all of the domains for Glitch custom domains (which are all at the same address as the domain). You can see that your domains are already not pointed at the Glitch custom domain address.

They do seems to be stuck for you, though. There are slightly technical mechanisms for clearing that information out that vary by operating system, but they’re not 100% successful (DNS is fairly complicated). If you want to tell me your OS (Mac or Windows, I’m guessing) I can point you at some references. The other alternative is to wait a little while longer.

Sorry for all the bother!

Can you help me, setting it up again, to my Glitch DNS again. Because i wanted to create a subdonaime for Wordpress, and it fucked everything on Wordpress, now it dosn’t work at all

Hey @kidigrafisk from the dig web interface it looks like your domains are still pointed at the same IP address they were, not the one that they need to be pointed to for those addresses to use your Glitch project. That’s not something we here at Glitch can take care of for you, but has some general information about the process.

If you tell us who your DNS records are with someone may be able to help with more specific guidance.

I need to restore DNS for my website to glitch again, so i can use Wix. Because an error is on Wordpress atm, because i made a subdonaime and it broke everything.

Website: and

Please help

I need help to get my glitch project to work, it keeps going back to Wordpress, and i want make wordpress finished before i move it over to that

So i need to redo that i use my wix website for the being

What do i need to type

Sorry but this made no sense to me

Hi Cori, also remove my domains so i can add the domains to my site again. :slight_smile:

Hey @kidigrafisk I’ve consolidated your more recent posts on this topic, since it has some background regarding all the things we’ve previously discussed.

I’ve gone ahead and removed all of the custom domains from your Glitch project, so they’ve been removed from as well, and there shouldn’t be any remaining references to your domains in either Glitch or Fly.

However, I think the actual problems with your address are in your DNS provider’s settings. When we look at what the DNS system thinks about those two domains, we can see that they’re both pointed at the same IP address, which seems to be a WordPress address. If you still want those domains to point at your Wix site then you’ll need to change those settings at your DNS provider. I think you said that was Unoeuro, and their DNS help articles are at Additionally, Wix has a help doc at regarding their end of this process.

Please let us know if we can be of any additional help!

OMG! Can you fast reset again because forgot the chame code, Where do i put the Chame code on unoeuro?

You can just use instead of the domain that’s shown in the Glitch dialog - they will both work.

If you can send us a screenshot from Unoeuro’s DNS management page we can try to help figure out what should go where.

Sorry, but i have no idea what to do with that link

Ok, the values on these lines should be updated:

you can use for those values - they will point those domains to, which will then forward things along to Glitch.

For this one:


you can either use the same IP address or you can change it to a CNAME type (instead of an A record) and use

Those changes will take an hour or so to make it out across the internet, but once that’s done your domains should show the Glitch version of your app.

Hope this helps!

Okay thanks. I will try. I will write here if it worked and i have done it right

Thanks you so much, it works now! :smiley:
Also how do i change so it says Secure on the webbrowser??

Ikke sikker (on danish) means -> Not Safe or Not Secure (in english) will work just fine with HTTPS. There’s currently no way to force Glitch projects using custom domains to be only accessed over secure channels.You can do so by manually configuring the end of things instead of using the relatively simple built-in Glitch custom domains. That process is discussed in custom domain on