How to Restore a project?


I recently completed a project. I accidentally imported something from git hub into the project and now my whole project is gone and there is no way to go back to the original page that I had made before the import.
The project name is dmr-individualproject and I was doing this for a class project until i accidentally imported my teachers code from github, can you please help me restore my old code


Okay, your project is back to the state from before the import.


Thank you Tim! You just saved my life, you rock!


Related feature request (pending proper branching or restore points or whatnot): What if you stuck in a kind of Undo or Restore button that would just ask an exact date/time you wanted to rewind to which would just generate an email for one of you to manually restore it, until that got too tedious.

I have the sense that the lack of such a feature is a big source of user stress, especially users who haven’t happened to have interacted with you lovely people here in the forum before. (:

The other workaround, of course, is to make a GitHub repository and export to it frequently. But it’s hard to have the discipline to do that.