How to save some space with a python project?

So, I have some python bots and I’m wondering how would I save some space.
I heard there’s a GB of memory for modules. I’m wondering if that’s only for JS?

Overall, is there a way to do it (Python)?

Thank you!

Uh, does someone know that?

The extra module space only applies to Node modules so unfortunately your Python packages will count as part of the 200MB of space in the container.

Are you running into storage issues with a Python project? You mentioned you have multiple bots so maybe splitting each bot up into it’s own Glitch project could help…

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Thanks for the reply!
I don’t have any issues at the moment, I was just curious.
(Each bot already has its own project)

I wish, Glitch officially supported Python …

Me too!

I understand why they’re taking a web forward approach but I have to say for Python being unofficial, it’s incredibly well supported. I’m primarily a Python developer and I haven’t encountered an impasse yet.

How is the space measured for node_modules. Imagine if we could just tap into the extra storage be renaming our virtualenv’s to node_modules

node_modules takes up less room because we use pnpm. Pnpm shares space between projects so like if someone installs Express and it’s already on the same cluster, they’ll use the same download of Express. Setting that up for other languages would have to use something else. And renaming node_modules would not work.

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